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From Vision to Reality: Creating and Scaling Remarkable Companies Worldwide

At BHIVE Capital, we are trailblazers in the value-added investment approach. Our highly connected teams harness deep industry knowledge and join forces with management teams globally to drive rapid growth.

BHIVE Capital Services

Private Equity

Private Equity

Private equity (PE) refers to capital investment made in companies that are not publicly traded



Seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals and businesses



Initial Public Offering is a public offering in which shares of a company are sold to investors

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate can be categorized into two – Commercial and Residential

Partnership Strategies

Partnership Strategies

A partnership that involves the sharing of resources between two or more individuals or companies

Core Values


We seek to deliver outstanding performance for both institutional and individual investors by spearheading investments with commitment and conviction.


It is not unusual for windows of opportunity to be gone without a warning. To assist our investors, we respond instead of reacting dynamically, evaluating every opportunity


Our varied investments seek to deliver portfolios with lowered volatility and association, making the investments unique and promising

We ventured into Capital with the simple aim of helping our investors diversify and amplify their portfolios. Our team of experts are always on the lookout for the best opportunities out there, for you, our trusted investors!

Our Founders

Founding Team

Abijith Varghese

Financial Analyst - CEO Office

Anikethan H V U

Executive Officer - CEO Office

Anmol Hembrom

Entrepreneur - in - Residence

Dharmishtha Kothari

Executive Officer - CEO Office

Kashyap S Prasad

Vice President - Finance

Kavin Raj

Executive Officer - CEO Office

Pramod Kulkarni

Manager - Legal & Compliance

Reuben Roy Mathew

Manager - Strategy & Asset Acquisition

About BHIVE Group

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